Jomon Beef,

 raised on a special blend 

of local food waste feed 

The mother cows are fed a fermented blend of Yakushima food by-products-Citurus fruit peels after producing juice etc. and sweet potato dreg after making Shochu* and hay from local farm or field

Our goal is to create delicious beef made from cows fed with local food that was just being wasted and create food circulation and discover the method of creating recycling every resources as much as possible.

What is a cull cow? 

A cull cow is a cow who has previously given birth. These mother cows create many new generations and should be valued and respected. However, their meat is classed as lower quality and tends to be sold as such.

We would like to make their life more valuable and loved fully for as long as they live. With that in mind, we have created a new concept of cull cow beef that is more refined and respected, hence our company name, 'Refine'.



Jomon cows are born in Yakushima and are fed and nurtured with the bounties that nature provides on the island. Because We would like to continue this local cycle, the beef is only available for sale on Yakushima. 

The taste 

The taste is smooth and delicate,

and is very easy on stomach.

What makes

Jomon Beef special

Because of the special diet of Jomon

beef cows, the beef is not as fatty and marbled

as typical Japanese beef.

Instead, it is more balanced and beefier in taste.

The cows are under less stress, as they are not

fed to be fattened up.

Rather, they are fed with food waste,

which is more environmentally friendly and

healthier for the consumer.

Jomon beef will not be too heavy Even if you eat a full, and will allow you to enjoy the outdoor activities that Yakushima has to offer.

Jomon Beef official retailer 

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